New Year is the perfect time to send warmth and spread good cheers. Friends and family takes the top of the chart when it comes to sending wishes and best regards, but never forget to count in your peers, office colleagues, seniors, business partners and customers. Sending out great business New Year wishes will help to build good relations at work and add a personalized emotional touch.

Преддверие Нового года – самое подходящее время, чтобы дарить тепло и хорошее настроение. Поздравляя родных и близких, не стоит забывать о коллегах, сослуживцах, руководителях, бизнес партнерах и клиентах. Поздравления не займут много времени, но помогут добавить оттенок личной дружбы вашим отношениям.

Here are some templates on seasonal greetings to your business partners, customers and colleagues which you can make use of.  



May you continue to trust and rely on our Company. We highly appreciate your continued support. Stay to be our first and number 1 client! Wishing you a prosperous New Year!


It’s been a hard, but very fruitful year that brought good experience to all of us. I hope you also find our partnership very effective and look forward to further working relationship. Happy New Year!


Dear colleagues, I feel like we’ve become so close in recent years that I can call you my second family. It’s a real pleasure to work and improve professional skills in such a wonderful and friendly atmosphere. Thank you for another beautiful year together. Happy holiday!


I congratulate you on New Year and wish that all your accumulated wealth grow even faster in the coming year. An amazing New Year’s night to you!


Money is not something that makes us permanently happy, but it is something that helps us to make someone we love a little bit happier. I hope that your business will be successful and prosperous this year. Happy New Year!




May this New Year be filled with varieties of works to keep us busy, my wish is for our company to continue to grow so that we will earn more! Happy New Year to everyone!


Let us remember that business is not about making money, it’s always about making our world a better place by doing something special. Happy New Year!


It obvious that you can’t build a prosperous business without faithful friends supporting you all the way through. It’s also impossible to keep it without cooperation with loyal partners. So my wish for you is to be surrounded by faithful and competent people during your journey to the great success. Happy New Year!


You are a great dreamer, and even greater achiever. Wishing you lots of amazing goals, dreams and achievements for the New Year!


Dear colleague! May your workplace be like a home to you, where you feel comfortable and confident! Happy New Year!


As we step into another year, I wish you confidence and courage to accept new challenges and work further towards your goals!

To enrich your business vocabulary match the words from the wishes above.





















Sing and Learn!

Boost your Christmas vocabulary with a beautiful Christmas song from puzzle-english.com












Now read our colleague’s advice about how to build good relations with your customers.

» How time flies! It’s already the end of the year. Looking back at 2018, I can say that it was a really busy year. We fought for high yield NICHE cargo with our competitors, helped clients to sort out their problems every day. There were lots of memorable moments, but the most important conclusion for me in year 2018 is the understanding of how to gain trust of a “tough client”.

To gain the trust of a client, especially a tough client, we need to make some preparations before dealing with client’s questions.

  1. Recognition and Professional knowledge of the company products is really important.

If you cannot give your clients necessary feedback and professional guidance, you will never gain this client’s trust. If you do not know which of your colleagues you can get help from, you cannot help the client solve their problem and you cannot gain their trust.

  1. Be Empathic, try to understand what the customer feels and what they really need. When clients come to you for help, but you always stand on the position of airlines, you will never gain their trust. Try to tell them, you understand their request and you really want to help them.

Working in our business it is unavoidable to meet tough clients. But I have discovered one strange thing. These so-called “tough clients” always call me for help. Why? I think I gained their trust by my professional attitude and solution of their problems.»

William Lian,

Deputy Customer Service Manager,

ABC, Beijing, China