Attributes of Real Women

real_womanReal women let their actions, attitude, grace and personal style do the talking. If you would like to learn more attributes of REAL women read on.

Attributes of a real woman:

  • Real women turn heads without dressing provocatively.
  • Real women don’t “demand” respect. They don’t have to…Real women effortlessly command
  • Real women have the ability to raise the vibration in a room.
  • Real women are abundantly aware of their “power” and they choose not to abuse it.
  • Real women avoid drama.
  • Real women are mature.
  • Real women find a healthy balance between strength and gentleness.
  • Real women know when to speak and when to listen.
  • Real women know how to laugh at themselves.
  • Real women know how to make others laugh.
  • Real women do not take themselves too seriously.
  • Real women are comfortable around men and treat them with mutual respect.
  • Real women set boundaries.
  • Real women do not use men for their money or stature.
  • Real women treat the bell boy and the multi-millionaire in the same manner.
  • Real women are mentors.
  • Real women desire to have a partner in life who will support them, love them and grow with them.
  • Real women do not blame others. They graciously work with the hand they are dealt and turn it into success.
  • Real women operate with a sense of integrity.
  • Real women understand their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Real women take care of their bodies, spirits and minds.
  • Real women work every day to become better for themselves, their partners and their families.