11 Hot Tips for Holidaymakers

Travel_pre1Millions of people are expected to head overseas on holiday between July and September. To help you enjoy a hassle-free holiday this summer, make sure you take into account these top travel tips for holidaymakers.

1. Check your passport in plenty of time

No one wants to face an extra expense on their passport urgent renewal just before departing, so make sure you check its expiry date long before you travel.
Also remember that if you’re travelling outside of Europe, you may be required to have six months validity after your departure date, if you don’t, you may be refused entry.

2. Weigh your luggage in advance

Make sure you match your airline’s baggage allowance. By weighing your bags before you leave home you will avoid an expensive supplement at the airport.

3. Let your bank know you’re heading overseas

Banks are cracking down more and more on fraudulent transactions, which is a good thing, but if they don’t know when or where you’re overseas they will often block your card. You can prevent this with a quick phone call.

4. Be aware of restrictions on what you can bring back

If you’re travelling outside of Europe it is often illegal for you to bring back certain food stuffs – check what you can and cannot bring back before turning up at customs.

5. Buy travel insurance

25% of holidaymakers still go abroad without any insurance, many of whom end up with sky high medical bills as a consequence – for example, treatment for a broken leg in the US costs around £44,000. It’s simple – avoid these astronomical costs by taking out travel insurance before you go.

6. Get vaccinated

Travelling outside know that there are some nasty but preventable diseases you might catch. Go see your doctor beforehand to get all the necessary jabs.

7. Lunch like the locals

There’s a reason why the tanned locals disappear from the beach between one and three in the afternoon and have a leisurely lunch in the shade – the sun is too strong even for them. Avoid the red lobster look and go join them! Go for the house in menu which is normally a three course meal including local wine. It is good value and the food is usually excellent.

8. Live like locals.

Live like locals and shop where they shop — at local markets. Not only is this for fun and allows you to explore, you’ll also get a bargain as products from local markets are cheaper and better quality. It’ll also give you a chance to learn the local language.

9. Avoid surprises from you mobile company.

Check your mobile phone tariff and roaming charges so you aren’t faced with the massive bill

10. Learn a little of the local language

It won’t take long, can be fun to learn something new and will be greatly appreciated by the locals.

11. Pre-book your travel extras

Plan head as far as you can when booking car parking, car hire, flight/ferry transfer and of course accommodation as you can safe hundreds.

12. Bonus Tip: Get appy!

There are literally thousands of must-have travel apps available to download on your smart phone or tablet that will help you with the various aspects of your trip.

From flight trackers to weather apps, there are a whole host of useful tools available – and most are completely free.


Head overseas Направляться за моря End up with smth Заканчиваться чем-либо
Hassle-free Беспроблемный Sky-high bills Заоблачные счета
Take into account Принимать во внимание Treatment Лечение
Holidaymakers Отпускники Preventable disease Предотвратимые болезни
Face extra expenses Сталкивать с дополнительными расходами Get necessary jabs Сделать необходимые прививки
Urgent renewal Срочная смена/обновление Tanned locals Загорелые местные жители
Expiry date Окончание срока годности Leisurely lunch Неспешный обед
Validity Срок действия Red lobster look Красный как рак
Refuse entry Отказать во въезде Get a bargain Поторговаться
Match allowance Учесть разрешения Be appreciated by the locals Быть одобренным местными жителями
Crack down on smth Подавлять, предотвращать
Fraudulent transactions Мошеннические операции