Christmas – exercises

Read this text about Christmas then do these exercises to check your understanding.

1. Check your understanding: true or false

Choose True or False for these sentences.

1. Some modern Christmas traditions date from Roman times.
2. Britishpeople send money to friends, family, colleagues, classmates and neighbours at Christmas.
3. Gold, frankincense and myrrh are popular Christmas presents for young people in the UK.
4. Santa Claus is another name for Father Christmas.
5. ‘Killing in the name’ won number one position in the UK music charts at Christmas.
6. It doesn’t always snow at Christmas in Britain.
7. A Christmas cracker is a type of dessert.
8. Only Christians celebrate Christmas.

2. Check your grammar: multiple choice — prepositions

Circle the best preposition to complete these sentences.

1. The Romans decorated their homes with green plants in / on / at December.
2. In CE440 the Christian church decided that the birth of Christ should be celebrated every year in / on / at December 25th.
3. In / On / At Christmas we cover trees with shiny balls and flashing lights.
4. In / On / At the night of December 24th Father Christmas travels through the sky.
5. Groups and singers who normally make cool music create a song that they hope will be number one in / on / at Christmas Day.
6. People can bet on whether it will snow or not in / on / at December 25th.
7. Christmas dinner is usually eaten in / on / at midday.
8. The shops start selling Christmas cards in / on / at September.

3. Check your grammar: gap fill — prepositions

Write a preposition to complete these sentences.

1. My birthday is __________ December 13th.
2. What are you doing __________ Christmas this year?
3. Father Christmas delivers presents __________ night.
4. Some people start preparing for Christmas __________ October.
5. I used to open my Christmas presents first thing __________ the morning.
6. We usually have Christmas dinner __________ midday.
7. Are you having Turkey __________ Christmas Day?
8. The Christmas tree is being delivered __________ Monday.