Knowledge Center Is Forming Expert Communities


On August 19-20, at the initiative of Volga-Dnepr Group, the international conference “Information Systems on the Service of Flight Safety” was held at the headquarters of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) in Moscow. This was the step in formation of the expert community on accident prevention and flight safety management made as part of …

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To share experience? Nothing is easier!


To foster an enthusiastic and professional team – the most valuable resource of the leader and the company – it is important to be capable of knowledge sharing. Each manager has accumulated a unique “baggage” of management experience. How to preserve this experience? How to communicate the lessons learned to employees? Share …

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Meet the Customer!


What customers do we work for? Who are brokers, forwarders and principals? And whom we have transported the largest number of cargo for? In Moscow, the team of the Volga-Dnepr Knowledge Center conducted a series of interactive seminars where colleagues learned the answers to these and many other questions on our customers, about how the company …

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Volga-Dnepr Corporate Google


Do you seek answers for your ‘how’ and ‘who’? Here you are! Click here to get what you need: The Unified Knowledge System is designed for every Group employee! Too long to remember? You don’t need to keep it in mind, just save the shortcut on your desktop, and the system will help you all …

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Live knowledge puzzle is being solved!


“Acquiring knowledge is courage, multiplying it is wisdom, but the skillful application of knowledge is art” Oriental wisdom Our company’s knowledge was enriched with invaluable experience and learned lessons again thanks to the participants of the third contest on key event describing. Thanks a lot to everyone who has responded to our call …

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Strive for Knowledge! The Third Contest on Description of Key Company Milestones Starts


We often wonder: — what we should know and do to move forward; — where we can find necessary information and documents; — who we can ask for advice. These and a lot of other questions are answered by the strategic project 2020 “Aviation Industry Knowledge Center. Team of the Best Air Cargo Experts”. Our achievements so far: – a …

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“Every grain of experience is food for the greedy growing soul…”


Anthony Burges, English writer Invaluable experience and lessons learned have supplemented ”knowledge honeycombs” of our Company owing to the participants of the Key Event Description second contest. 12 unique opportunities, problems, solutions and transportations made by the Company result from the Key Event Description second contest. Many …

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The City of your dream is waiting for you!


The Second Contest on Description of Key Company Events Starts! In the frame of the Strategic Project 2020 “The Field-Specific Knowledge Center Teaming up Best Airfreight Experts”, we continue to describe key events taken place in the history of our Company. Review, describe and analyze key events of the Company history by 10 May 2017, and as …

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A welcome seminar was held for the technologists of the Unified Knowledge Management System (the UKMS) on March 16 in Moscow. The seminar was conducted within the strategic project “Aviation Industry Knowledge Center Teaming up Best Airfreight Experts”.  The participants from VDM, VDTM, ABC were informed about the Knowledge Center approved …

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“An operative Knowledge Center will definitely make us more conspicuous and potentially beneficial for the customer, which in its turn will add to our competitiveness in air transportation and possibly other fields” A. Isaykin How to use the company experience for solving current and future problems? How to organize an expert community and …

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