Managing Changes


How to make changes successfully and engage employees? Why is change management one of the key functions of a modern leader? On August 1, in Moscow, as part of the Corporate University operational management reserve training program, a change management training was conducted by Ekaterina Kantalinskaya-Rodina, head of the managers training …


A problem shared by a team is a problem halved


Another training of the Оperational Management Reserve was conducted July 10 in Moscow by Ann Shevtsova, corporate training specialist. It was devoted to cooperation and organization efficiency. The training, which brought together managers and lead specialists from VDM, ABC and ATRAN, let them see the value of teamwork and identify …


“Strategy – is people!”


The leaders’ week held in Moscow at the end of March brought together the company managers and experts, the first three groups of Volga-Dnepr Strategic Management Reserve (SMR) training program and HR-managers. It is to be recalled that Strategic Management Reserve (SMR) training is the task set by the company president. The training is …


Manager – is a profession!

In February, April and May in the company’s Moscow within the  Manager School “TOP-Class”,  the key school of Corporate University, a series of classes on the topic “Manager – is a profession”. The venue brought together more than 30 “Volga-Dnepr” managers and their successors, as well as participants of the strategic …


Learning inspires!

Monthly the Corporate University conducts educational events in quite various formats: seminars, trainings, business-sessions and professional conferences. At the same time our teachers are not just giving the participants the necessary knowledge, but also getting sincere positive feedback. Reviews on some of Corporate University classes read …


“When we become adults, we will come to work for Volga-Dnepr!”


A bright completion of the project school year “Entertaining management for Kids and Adults”* was held on May,18 at the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The children didn’t not just sum up and share their impressions, but also got acquainted with the advanced drafts by scientists and entrepreneurs. Throughout the year our participants have …


“Find all you need in one click!”


In April, May and June in Moscow and Ulyanovsk offices of the company, a sort of Road Show was held of the Volga-Dnepr Industry Knowledge Center – those were first interactive seminars in which employees were shown the facilities and benefits of the Unified Knowledge System (UKS) – * As a reminder, the Industry …


How Tangible is E-Business?


Do you like shopping online? Takes a couple of clicks and time for shipping with air freighters’ and sort centers’ hard work behind. The participants of the “Entertaining Management for Kids and Adults” project could see firsthand and handle such warehouse operations as processing, sorting and marking of goods to provide a high-standard …


Kids’ Laughter in Hot Emirates – a Good Start for the New Year!


Seasonal greetings and kids’ laughter – this is how the Corporate University new studying year started on January 6 in Sharjah, UAE. The Entertaining Management project expanded its boundaries to the Group regions with the first class conducted at Sharjah airport for the VD Gulf employees and their children. This is what the class attendees …


What passengers does an air freighter carry on board the plane?


On Saturday morning December 15th, the company office in Moscow was filled with laughing children and their parents – attendees of another class at the Corporate University as part of the unique project “Entertaining Management for Kids and Adults”. This time the class venue was in the oceanarium where the kids went to watch unique sea …