Business Letter Etiquette


How can you ensure your writing gets action from busy people? What makes an effective text? How does formatting help to make a document effective and attractive? The attendees of the open seminar on effective business writing held by the Corporate University got the answers to these and many other questions. The corporate online venue …


Leadership workshop by Fedor Novikov


On June 17, another open leadership workshop* was held at Corporate University online venue. Fedor Novikov, Marketing Director, made an introductory presentation “Leadership through value creation”, which brought together more than 150 company employees from around the world. What are the 8 main “leadership focuses” he …


Contest for our SUPERHEROES!


Dear colleagues! Does your child like to DREAM? Surely your kid knows a lot of interesting stories and often shares them with friends. LET’S DREAM TOGETHER! We invite your children and you to take part in a new SUPERHERO COMPETITION «KIND TALES ABOUT WINGS». To join the competition: Ask your child to make up a tale or …


Children vs Virus: the winners!


We are happy to present our SUPER HEROES – contest participants, who revealed their bravery and creativity to fight the viruses! We collected their drawing in the BIG BOOK OF HEALTH! Also video is available here.


Leadership workshop


This March Corporate university launched a new online venue for all the company employees – “Open leadership workshop“. Our first speaker is Tatyana Arslanova, Executive Operation Officer. What tasks do we need to focus our forces on? What opportunities does the company see in the current situation in the world? All this and much …


Ready for Challenges!


The Corporate University project – Volga-Dnepr New Generation – is making much headway! Recent students but today’s pilots, sales managers and MRO specialists became part of a friendly “Volga-Dnepr” team. We asked the guys to share their achievements and challenges that they faced. Artem Teplov, Sales Executive, …


Creating a value proposition


Corporate University online venue allowed Volga-Dnepr Technics (VDT) managers from Moscow, Sharjah, Leipzig and Ulyanovsk to discuss their customer needs and work on a company value proposition to boost competitive advantages of VDT services. “The seminar was incredibly useful!” shared the participants. “Our special gratitude to Kirubel …


Entertaining Management in Ulyanovsk


Another round of the unique Corporate University project “Entertaining Management for Kids and Adults”* has been launched February, 26th in Ulyanovsk. The participants – the children of the company employees and their parents – conducted a research and learnt why Volga-Dnepr Group is called a GLOBAL company, where its …


Developing teams!

How to form a team dialogue? What is the role of a leader in a team? How to make brainstorming as effective as possible? These are the questions members of the VDTM and ATRAN management teams were trying to answer the coaching sessions conducted by Eleonora Surina, Director Aviation Accident Prevention and Flight Safety Management, VDM. The …


Welcome on board!

Another Corporate University “Welcome on board” course was held February, 6 in the Moscow office. The discussion centered around the company unique experience, values and strategy. The trainers were Natalya Plotnikova, deputy PM, “100 Leaders”, and Ekaterina Furenkova, Head of Business Ethics and Internal Communications, …