Learning inspires!

Monthly the Corporate University conducts educational events in quite various formats: seminars, trainings, business-sessions and professional conferences. At the same time our teachers are not just giving the participants the necessary knowledge, but also getting sincere positive feedback. Reviews on some of Corporate University classes read below.

Teaming up the engineers

On March, 11 Moscow office of our company was a common platform for more than 20 Volga-Dnepr managers and successors on the function of aircraft airworthiness and maintenance. The leader workshop on maintenance management in the airline was conducted by Uwe Jacob, Managing Director, AMTES.  Uwe recalled of the basic principles of maintenance organization as well as took a detailed look at all the components of this process.

– I’m pleased of organization, – shares Ayrat Gilmutdinov, Commercial Director, VD Gulf, –Uwe presented the material in an interesting way: less theory – more practice, he possesses excellent public speaking skills and working with the audience skills!

– Having huge experience, Uwe enriched our knowledge, – adds Said Alkailani, Senior Engineer, Aircraft Maintenance, VD Gulf. – Also the speeches by Alexey Isaykin, the Group president, and Mikhail Khoroshaev, Executive president, VDT, were much inspiring. Moreover, the seminar provided us a great opportunity to meet all our colleagues from different structural units.

– I particularly remember an active discussion and lively atmosphere, points out Vladimir Ryabov, Aviation Engineering division, ATRAN. – There was an interesting vector of development set in terms of combining business processes in the framework of maintenance organization and integrated logistics. I am confident: if we start to implement the things today we have spoken about, we will certainly become more efficient!

Training younger generation!

A new project of the Corporate University – A young generation of the International Group of cargo airlines – is ongoing!
12 maintenance specialists have almost completed the training program and have been trained on the ramp. In April in Moscow and Ulyanovsk another 16 people – candidates to commercial, financial and legal departments started training.

They are currently being trained by the company’s best experts and in May they met the Top Managers, who answered the relevant questions as well as expressed inspiring parting words!

– You are the future of our company! – Sergey Shklyanik, Senior Vice-president addressed the project participants. – We rely on you and ready to share our knowledge. Wishing you success, achievement of all your goals, as well as the desire to do more for the company than we have done. I am sure you will succeed!

Developing strategic vision!

The first in this year training of the operational management reserve school was conducted on April 11, in Moscow and was devoted to a strategic vision. Anastasia Martynova, Head of Volga-Dnepr Group Knowledge Center was the trainer. Participants – more than 30 managers and Lead specialists from VDM, ABC, ATRAN and VDTM – were developing the ability to foresee the future, painting the “rich picture” of the present, solving business cases and making the impossible possible!

– It was interesting to see the new faces in the reserve, to get acquainted with them, to get to know the current issues of businesses and their vision,– notes Darya Bogatenko, Lead economist, HR, VDM. –Being a member of Managing company team, this exactly seems to be the most useful, catchy and applicable for work in future. After all, we work to benefit customers and speak the same language with internal customers – these are excellent background for building up appropriate work of the Managing company and achieving success in working with external customers.

– The class was extraordinary, interesting and informative! – adds Maria Volkova, Lead specialist, Flight Department, ATRAN – Instead of “theory” that was supposed to be heard, there was much practice which allowed us to sort out new methods, assimilate and remember them in context.

Working with a group through facilitation!

On May, 17 within the In-Company Trainer School a training by Vladislava Drudko was conducted on the subject of professional organization of group working process – facilitation.

– I appreciate the training! – shares impressions Kseniya Streltsova, specialist on products and services development, ABC. –I was especially impressed by the coach – Vladislava. I was just feeling her deep experience of a coach, extensive knowledge in many areas. Vivid and catchy examples helped to comprehend the information easily. I loved that we were searching the answers for many questions ourselves while collective discussions and this contributed also to better assimilation and understanding.

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