“When we become adults, we will come to work for Volga-Dnepr!”

A bright completion of the project school year “Entertaining management for Kids and Adults”* was held on May,18 at the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The children didn’t not just sum up and share their impressions, but also got acquainted with the advanced drafts by scientists and entrepreneurs.

Throughout the year our participants have been acquainted with our customers, various industries and types of cargo transported by our company. What have they remembered most? Here are some answers.

– The school year was full of fun not like it is at school, – shares Arina. – We have learned much! When we get grown-ups, probably, will come to “Volga-Dnepr”, will be aware of much!

– There were plenty of interesting topics, for example, I really remember the lesson on e-commerce at the warehouse for internet-stores delivery, – adds Egor.

– This year I learnt how the dangerous goods and sea animals are delivered! – notes Stepan.

First, the participants were given a tour around the technology park, where they got acquainted with such advanced developments as 3D printers, unmanned vehicles and even a virtual fitting room.
The children summed up the year in the form of creative projects on various topics: where the planes fly to, how they imagine the aircraft of the future, and why the airline needs friends.
On accomplishment of the projects presentation, the participants followed to the festival green lawn, where they plunged into the spaces of future professions and innovations.
On the lawn the children were able to meet interactive exhibitions, master classes, fascinating experiments conducted in the chemical and physical laboratories. Also, the children explored the aircrafts and even launched a test prototype.

Most vivid and memorable moments of the final lesson watch in the following video:

* Corporate University project being realized within the strategic initiative “100 new generation leaders to implement the Group strategy”.