How Tangible is E-Business?

Do you like shopping online? Takes a couple of clicks and time for shipping with air freighters’ and sort centers’ hard work behind. The participants of the “Entertaining Management for Kids and Adults” project could see firsthand and handle such warehouse operations as processing, sorting and marking of goods to provide a high-standard delivery to the customer.

Vitaliy Andreev, Global Director, eCommerce, ABC, revealed the details of the shipping services the company provides for e-business.
Is it possible for a warehouse to process a million of parcels in a month? – Possible! Our partners from Boxberry, the delivery service for online shops, showed the kids and their parents how parcels were handled in a warehouse after shipping by air.
Under the guidance of Boxberry representatives the kids themselves could try marking, sorting and processing of goods. The children got a bit tired but happy, as they could bring value to customers! They also understood that such warehouse operations require both promptness and care.
Gifts and photos at the end of the day!

Watch the video for most vivid and memorable moments: