Kids’ Laughter in Hot Emirates – a Good Start for the New Year!

Seasonal greetings and kids’ laughter – this is how the Corporate University new studying year started on January 6 in Sharjah, UAE. The Entertaining Management project expanded its boundaries to the Group regions with the first class conducted at Sharjah airport for the VD Gulf employees and their children.

The Group president Alexey Isaykin showed the children benefits of the Corporate University project being realized within the strategic initiative “100 new generation leaders to implement the Group strategy”.

The children received a vivid video massage from Russia from Galina Isaykina, Corporate Education director, and other Entertaining Management attendees.

The kids learned that flight safety begins on the ground.

Ahmed Abdulrehman, the VD Gulf aviation technologist, told the class attendees about the SHELL model and explained why humans are always in the heart of any event.

The kids learned how VD Gulf worked to benefit the customers,

….and made sure that the aircraft is the safest means of transportation.

This is what the class attendees shared:

Yulia Romanova, accountant, VD Gulf:

– It was so interesting and informative for the kids and for all of us. The kids really enjoyed this event and now they have unforgettable memories. I hope some of the kids will decide to choose their future specialty with aviation!

Zaid Hussain Fateh, technologist-methodologist, planning department, VD Gulf:

– The event was very well organized & the kids were very happy and came home with heart full of joy. Thank you for organizing this wonderful & memorable event.

Welcome to the project new classes!

Stay tuned!