What passengers does an air freighter carry on board the plane?

On Saturday morning December 15th, the company office in Moscow was filled with laughing children and their parents – attendees of another class at the Corporate University as part of the unique project “Entertaining Management for Kids and Adults”. This time the class venue was in the oceanarium where the kids went to watch unique sea animals – orca whales, dolphins, belugas, sharks, and to learn how the company transports such valuable livestock.

The kids learned many exciting and curious stories about life of marine mammals.

Danila Konovalov, operations manager on special cargo transportation, ABC, told the children about important aspects of livestock transportation to make “special guests” feel comfortable during flights.

The class attendees did an exciting quest to learn about other unusual passengers the company can carry on board. Looking for the keys and solutions the kids had to submerge their hands into the sea water, touch one of the world’s ancient animals – the king crab, and find a bottle with a message.

When the New Year is at the doorstep, who would you share your most secret wishes with? – “With Santa, of course!” – you would say. That time was a bit different – the kids managed to ask the Gold Fish to make their dreams come true.

And many of them wished to attend more interesting, joyful and entertaining classes.

Watch the video for the most memorable highlights.

Looking forward to seeing you next year!