Learning inspires!

Monthly the Corporate University conducts educational events in quite various formats: seminars, trainings, business-sessions and professional conferences. At the same time our teachers are not just giving the participants the necessary knowledge, but also getting sincere positive feedback. Reviews on some of Corporate University classes read below.

On October 26 a special course “Manager’s tools” was conducted in Moscow. The teacher was Anastasia Yakovleva, HR director, AirBridgeCargo airlines.

– Many thanks to Anastasiya for her sustained line run by the subject issue of the lesson.– shares his impressions Stanislav Kochetov, leading specialist, flights maintenance, ATRAN airlines.

– Would like to note a very interesting approach to setting tasks for groups, allowing to bring an effect of a common team thinking and perform task, that  meets the general corporate spirit and strategy. Despite the fact that I’ve personally got much accustomed to a more methodical approach in training, similarly to model class conducted in university course that may be just described as a “math model”, nevertheless such an approach seemed interesting for me.

– The training impressed, it was very useful! – adds Alexander Merkulev, Head, AP&FS Inspection, ATRAN airlines. – The event’s presenter Anastasiya Yakovleva was conducting the training in a fascinating way, she was able to engage all participants into discussion threads as well as was answering the questions quite competently.

On Decemer,19 an adaptation seminar took place in Moscow in the framework of School of a New-comer. The trainers were Eleonora Surina, Director, AP&FSM Department, VDM and Ekaterina Furenkova, leading specialist on business ethics, VDM, who were acquainting newly recruited staff members with the company’s history, its values, corporate culture aspects, attitude to labor.

– Thanks a lot for organization of the seminar! – notes Anton Shkurin, Manager, ‘’Operations’’ on electronic commerce product transportations area, ABC. – On completion of the seminar there appeared much more awareness of the company’s history, its structure as well as the development strategy.

On November 21 another training on business English entitled “Elevator Pitch” was held. This is a slang term used to describe a brief
speech that outlines idea for a product, service or project and takes a short time period, less than a minute – exactly as much as an elevator ride takes.

– Thank very much for conducting such an interesting training! – Andrey Salanov shares his impressions, Deputy Head, avia POL purchase division, VDA. – There was a great chance not only to practice English but to improve knowledge in area of express self-presentation. I really appreciate the warm atmosphere of the training held.

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