Tricks of Pharma transport, or why airline studies chemistry

On a November Saturday morning, the company’s office in Moscow was filled with laughing children and their parents – attendees of another class at the Corporate University as part of the unique project “Entertaining Management for Kids and Adults”. Director of Pharmaceuticals Transport Operations Fyodor Novikov together with cheerful “Professor of Chemistry” Julia have designed lots of insightful and funny experiments to show the kids why Pharma transport is very special.

Professor “cooled down” those who were “too hot” with liquid nitrogen vapors.

Children got to know that Pharma transport involves delivery of not only medication, but also preparations, specimens and equipment for diagnostics. So, Arina was “tested” for happy mood.

All present learned what can happen to a Pharma shipment if the proper temperature range is not maintained.

There was a long queue of those who wished to take part in experiments!

Medicines, vaccines, etc. – all this needs to be delivered carefully and just in time!

Fedor Novikov told the kids why it is important to deal with a reliable supplier with a proven quality record, and why Air Bridge Cargo is a dependable logistics partner for Pharma industry – at any time globally.

They built an optimum route for expedited delivery of a vaccine taking into account sensitivity of the shipment. The end user can be assured: the saving delivery will be on time and served well!

Video with all the brightest moments to remember is available here: