Learning Inspires!

Every month the Corporate University holds training events in a wide range of formats such as seminars, workshops, business sessions and professional conferences. As a result, our teachers and instructors not just give the necessary knowledge to event attendees but also receive candid positive feedback. Read more about the recent feedback.

On 1 and 2 August, the second training module of the Senior Airmen School was held in Moscow’s SkyPoint office. Its participants – managers of the Group airlines’ flight departments, pilots, captains and instructors – were able to make the best use of the forum provided by the Corporate University for sharing their experience and knowledge, while concentrating on aspects of team top marketing and sales as well as tools available to decision-makers such as personal planning, focus on the result and organizational modeling.
“The most lasting impression was the relaxed atmosphere of the gathering and an excellent opportunity to communicate with colleagues from all Group airlines in one place,” shares his impressions Igor Zamshin, B747 senior instructor pilot from ABC. “The presentations on the logistics process and organizational models were also very useful, and I especially liked those made by Darina Bernovskaya and Sten Rossby. The knowledge received during the training will help in better organizing my work as a manager.”


On 30 August, a joint video workshop of purchasing departments on “Correcting Errors in Contract Making” was held as part of the Purchaser School.
Nikolay Tasoyev, ABC operations purchasing executive, shares his impressions of the event:
“This time Ulyanovsk took the leading role. A detailed presentation by Faina Moshkova, head of pricing section in VDA, showed us our main shortcomings in the contracting process using vivid and relevant examples. Her great professionalism, energy and dedication right away set a well spirited and disciplined tone for the audience. I think that everyone could see themselves and their slip-ups in those examples, and perceived what 11111111111we should strive for and how to improve in order to achieve the maximum efficiency in what we do, in achieving our strategic goals.
I would dare to share a special image that generated in my mind. It is an image of our Ship that ploughs through a stormy ocean to its distant goal. The crew is in their compartments; we do our tasks, ensuring the trouble-free operation of all systems. Your fellows work in adjacent compartments – someone lays a course, someone is engaged in radio communications – and up there, in cabins, there are passengers – our relatives and close ones. Now, if we revert to the contracting process in the sense of the image, it becomes obvious that our errors that we make in contract making due to carelessness, inexperience, work overload or simply laziness are the holes through which water can seep into the ship affecting its stability, sometimes very seriously. And when you see such hole, the first thing to do is not to hunt for the accountable or guilty person, but most essentially to use all means at hand to plug up the hole immediately, and only after that investigate, analyze and make permanent repairs making sure this doesn’t happen again. I suppose everyone in our team has experience of such holes, in any compartment.
Here, it is important to realize that in conditions of constantly growing storm a “river tram” level of self-discipline and self-mobilization is insufficient. Unless each crew member is purposefully committed to keep the entire ship afloat, the number of holes will only increase, and I think there is no need to explain what this can ultimately turn into – we all hear how other ships are wrecked…
The world rapidly changes and to keep the pace and continue our journey, we have to change ourselves. It’s time for us to take on full responsibility for the ship, crew, passengers and our path to the goal, and move to higher levels of efficiency.
Many thanks to the Corporate University for helping us learn, get more professional, become closer with colleagues and draw the right conclusions.
Together we will survive any storm that comes our way!”