Meet the winners of the 2015 contest “Best in Profession!”

1111_cutHigh professionalism is creativity converted into profession!

The company now knows the names of the 2015 contest winners «Best in profession”. The award ceremony was held in Moscow on February 19.

The Corporate University initiated this contest in 2014. Today the competition has broaden its scope – last year there were 24 nominations defined with 350 applications for participation throughout the Group of Companies; today the number of nominations has increased to 35 with 400 applications to consider!

Genyush– The contest made it possible for the Project Office to make an ideal profile of the project administrator, – says Savely Genjush, the project management director, VDM, – to identify the criteria and qualities which are essential for playing one of the key roles in the project team. We also came to the conclusion of the necessity to conduct a master class for best administrators to share their experience with their colleagues. 

Carrie_cut– It is my great honor to win the “Customer service specialist” contest nomination, – says Carrie Hu, Customer service specialist, ABC – the winner of “The Best Customer service Specialist” nomination. – It’s an amazing feeling, as I’ve never thought of being awarded such a prize when writing my essay. My five-year working experience in Air Bridge Cargo proves that the company has offered me a brilliant development opportunity and has had a subtle yet profound impact on my personal career. Our company culture – highly efficient performance, good stress-resistance, challenging tasks, strong team spirit – creates a great environment to grow up, and I indeed gain a lot. Besides, the contest let me view my current position and our company in a different way. A lot to think over in the future. Thanks for all the appreciation and support.

VDA_1498_cut– For me the contest has become the basis for my personal story of professional development, – shares Gulie Valieva, the corporate management specialist, VDM – the winner of “The best analyst” nomination. – It gave me an opportunity to present my personal ideas to experts and use their feedback to complete my project in operating mode. It’s worth mentioning the new format of the primary round – writing an essay on labour, the jury experts (T.Arslanova, L.Ponomareva, A.Agulov, E.Kavtyreva) and colleagues’ support.

– I’m thankful to Corporate University for building up such a platform for us to show our values to the company, no matter great or humble, – says Holly Zhu, HR specialist, ABC (Shanghai), – the winner of “The best HR specialist” nomination. – I’m thankful to all my dearest colleagues who always helped and fully supported me at VDA_1541_cutwork. And the one I appreciate most is my line manager Susan. I’m grateful to her for coaching and fostering me all along, encouraging me when I doubted myself, giving me trust when I needed it. Without Susan, I had no chance to win the contest. I also have to say that it’s valuable experience to participate in the contest.  Moving throughout the project, going from stage to stage – essay explaining my understanding of HR function for the theoretical stage, PPT showing my innovation at work for the practical stage and defense for the last stage – I have come to a deeper understanding of the work I am doing. Last but not least, I benefited much from the contest. In addition to great honor and a bonus I won, it also helped me to reconsider my work. Instead of rushing around and doing routine work without thinking, I had a chance to stop and double-check my responsibilities, the methods I used, the results I got, which helped me figure out the gap I needed to fill in my future work. So it’s really a rewarding contest for both our company and myself. So I do hope such contests will come into practice and more employees like myself can benefit from it.

VDA_1511_cut– Such contests are really necessary, – summarizes Artem Surkov, a lawyer from VDA, the winner of “The best lawyer” nomination. – Firstly, it’s prestigious to be the best in profession. Getting a reward makes anyone feel that the company recognizes his/her achievements at work. Secondly, participation in the contest allows you to realize your creative potential, which is not always possible at your work routine. Also, the victory really motivates other participants, enables them to take more effort for winning future contests. At last, it’s a great opportunity to get to better know your colleagues from different VD offices.   

Meet the contest winners:

The Best Accident Prevention Specialist – Victor Plotnikov, the Best Accident Prevention Specialist, ABC.

The Best Instructor Pilot Boeing 747-400/8 – Andrey Samoylov, Captain Boeing 747, ABC.

The Best Captain Boeing 747 – Igor Bannikov, Captain Boeing 747, ABC.

The Best First Officer Boeing 747-400 – Andrey Alabin, First Officer Boeing 747-400, ABC.

The Best Captain Boeing-737 – Dmitry Popov, Captain Boeing 737, ABC.

The Best First Officer Boeing 737 – Yuriy Gudin, First Officer Boeing 737, ABC.

The Best HR Specialist – Holly Zhu, HR specialist, ABC (Shanghai).

The Best Loadmaster An-124-100 – Andrey Stepchenko, Flight service specialist, ABC.

The Best Aircraft Techician – Yulia Razzhavina, Senior aviation resources specialist, ABC.

The Best Customer service Specialist – Carrie Hu, Customer service specialist, ABC.

The Best Duty Shift Manager – Viktor Pozdeev, Duty head of operational control center, ABC.

The Best Economist – Tatyana Korznikova, Chief financial analyst, VDM, and Irina Yumankina, Head of management accounts group, VDA.

The Best Capitan/Captain-Instructor An-124-100 – Andrey Podkatilov, Capitan An-124-100, VDA.

The Best First Officer An-124-100 – Denis Dudnichenko, First Officer An-124-100, VDA.

The Best Flight Engineer An-124-100 – Oleg Mishin, Flight Engineer An-124-100, VDA.

The Best Navigator An-124-100 – Ilya Bodunov, Navigator An-124-100, VDA.

The Best Aircraft Radio Operator Аn-124-100 – Denis Suslov, Aircraft Radio Operator Аn-124-100, VDA.

The Best Capitan/Captain-Instructor Il-76TD-90VD – Aleksey Sobennikov, Instructor Pilot Il-76TD-90VD, VDA.

The Best First Officer Il-76TD-90VD – Vladimir Kovrizhnikh, First Officer Il-76TD-90VD, VDA.

The Best Navigator Il-76 – Aleksey Skvortsov, Navigator Il-76, VDA.

The Best Flight Engineer Il-76 – Lev Madebeykin, Flight Engineer Il-76, VDA.

The Best Loadmaster Il -76 – Denis Kuznetsov, Aeronautical and electronic equipment maintenance engineer, VDA.

The Best Flight Engineer – Viktor Storozhuk, Aeronautical and electronic equipment maintenance engineer, VDA.

The Best Maintenance organization Specialist – Pavel Midukin, Shift master, Aeronautical and electronic equipment maintenance, VDA.

The Best IT Specialist – Pavel Andruhchenko, IT chief specialist, VDA.

The Best Accountant – Yulia Mennibaeva, IFRS specialist, VDA, and  Nailya Shigabutdinova, IFRS specialist, VDA.

The Best Financier – Alisa Yumanova, Financial analyst, VDM.

The Best Sales Manager – Kristina Michurina, Logistic executive ULY office, VDA.

The Best Flight Dispatcher – Andrey Prokhorov, Air navigation specialist, VDA.

The Best Procurement Specialist – Andrey Salanov, Chief specialist, Costs planning and analysis, VDA.

The Best Project Administrator – Andrey Onushko, Strategy management specialist, Scheduled cargo operations expert, VDM.

The Best Law Officer – Artyom Surkov, Legal counsel, VDA.

The Best Potential Strategist – Kirill Khroni, Analyst of assets management division, VDM.

The Best Analyst – Guli Valieva, Corporate management specialist, VDM.

Our congratulations to the contest winners and gratitude for their professional skills! We are confident that the victory will stimulate their further personal and professional development!

You can download the photo archive here.